I used to sell pacifier clips, nursing/bib clips and mitten clips in my Etsy shop a while back. My products were quite popular at the time because I made sure to use high quality materials and pay attention to the details. Fast forward to three kids and an increased passion for sewing and I no longer manufacture products to sell.  So now I have an abundance of high quality supplies which I make available on my site and this tutorial for making your own!

Supplies Needed – In addition to your sewing machine, needles*, thread, and iron, you will need the following supplies :
For the Pacifier Clip:

  • 8″ x 4″ fabric
  • 4-5″ elastic
  • Wide plastic KAM clip

For the Mitten Clips:

  • 4″ x 4″ fabric – 2 ct.
  • Wide plastic KAM clips – 4 ct.

For the Adjustable Nursing/Bib Clip:

  • 20″ x 4″ fabric
  • Wide plastic KAM Clips – 2 ct.
  • Triglide

*A universal needle works great, though I prefer using a  Denim 14/90 for the clip installation.
Assembly Instructions: These will apply to all three projects unless otherwise specified, in which case I have handy little links to skip you over any steps that might not pertain to your project.

Step 1.  With wrong sides together (WST) fold the short ends of the fabric over 1/4″ and press. I like to curve the ends in just a tad more than the center of the fold so no raw edges are exposed in the final product.

Step 2. With WST fold the the fabric in half lengthwise and press.

Step 3. Open the fabric back up with wrong sides facing up. (Fig. A) Fold one long raw edge toward the center of the fabric along the pressed center line and press (Fig. B). Then fold the other long raw edge toward the center so that both raw edges meet. Press. (Fig. C) Fold again WST along the center fold encasing all raw edges. Press again. (Fig. D)
*Mitten Clips and Nursing/Bib Clips skip to Step 5.
Step 4. Install elastic on the short end of the strap. – pacifier clip only
In order to encase the reinforcement stitches completely, open one long edge of the strap so that the wrong side is facing you again. Fold the elastic in half and center it over the edge of the outer fold of the short end of the strap. Its raw edges should overlap 1/2″ leaving a loop on the end of the strap as pictured. Zig-zag stitch in place and then re-fold the strap to encase the reinforced elastic.

Step 5 (optional). If affixing any labels do so now otherwise move ahead to the next step.
Step 6. Topstitch 1/8″ from the edge along the entire strap. *For the pacifier clip start and finish along the end opposite the elastic.
*Pacifier and Mitten Clips skip to Step 8.
Step 7a. Install Triglide – Nursing/Bib clip only.
*You may want to use a denim needle for this step though it is optional.
Loop one end of the strap under the outside post of the triglide, over the inside post and under the opposite outside post like pictured.
Fold the strap end back under on the backside of the strap just far enough down so you can stitch in place as pictured. If your sewing machine allows you to adjust your needle to one side do so. Sew, backstitching twice to ensure stability.

Step 7b. – Nursing/Bib clip only.
Slide one clip unto the strap so that the back of the clip faces the triglide.

(If you accidentally slide the clip on backwards and don’t notice until the end, Stay calm!  You do not need to get out the seam ripper. These clips are designed to be removed. Simply open the clip, pull it off the ring and flip it around. Whew!…Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.)

Step 7c. – Nursing/Bib Clip only.
Take the end of the strap and loop it through the triglide again as pictured so that the clip is inside the loop.

Step 8. Install the clip(s)
*You may want to use a denim needle for this step though it is optional.
To install the clips loop the end of the strap through the top side of the ring on the clip and fold it back over the toward the back. Overlap only as much of the strap as necessary to stitch in place. If your sewing machine allows you to adjust your needle to one side then do so. Sew, backstitching twice to ensure stability. (Repeat for the remaining three strap ends on the mitten clips.)


You are done! Enjoy you new handmade straps. They have so many functional uses.  As my kids grow older I keep thinking of more ways to use them. Don’t forget to tag your little one using #SewJourners!

Please remember these straps are not toys and should only be used under adult supervision. The clips have small parts and can pose a choking hazard, and long straps pose a strangulation hazard. Always check your products for wear prior to giving to your child.
*My posts often contain affiliate links. If you click on an affiliated link, nothing changes with your experience. If you happen to make any purchases from following my links I get a small referral kick back which helps support this blog. Again, the cost to you remains unaffected.  All opinions are my own, and I only rave about things I really like ?

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