Look who’s finally making an appearance on my blog! Blogosphere, meet my husband. He’s sporting his custom raglans, made by me, designed by Peek-a-Boo patterns and on sale today* only for release day!
I have been meaning to make him something for a while, but he puts no pressure on me so I keep sewing for myself and the girls. When I first started apparel sewing last fall he said he didn’t need anything. But then a few weeks ago he threw out a bunch of shirts… hint hint… Two weeks ago I saw him getting ready to go to the gym and his shirt was just way too short. That did it for me and I drafted and sewed him a regular t-shirt that same day using his ready to wears and making tweaks where he needed them. I held off buying a pattern because I knew Peek-a-Boo patterns would be coming out with a men’s raglan and I was hoping I would get the chance to test it. Fortunately I got the opportunity and made him 4 more shirts with it!
To my delight he has worn all 5 shirts to work, which is a huge win in my book! He even told me he wasn’t going to be wearing his other clothes anymore. Now that he has shirts that fit him he can’t go back. I warned him about that dilemma! This custom clothing thing is addicting.
So let’s talk about the Rocky Mountain Raglan pattern.
Simple: First and foremost, it’s simple! Like super-beginner simple. Plus men are simple, so it’s a perfect match. If you are on the fence about sewing for your husband or sons, start here! The raglan sleeves assemble more quickly than regular shirts because of the straight lines. You don’t have to ease in the shoulders. In addition Amy’s instructions are always straight forward and to the point. She also keeps printing to a minimum. This shirt prints on 19 pages which is actually not that many for an adult shirt. Some of my shirts have upwards of 40 pages to print!
Excellent fit: Amy’s pattern’s are the best for fit. I have never had a sizing issue with her patterns and I have used a LOT of them! They don’t always have loads of features, but I generally use Peek-a-Boo for my base wardrobe essentials because fit and simplicity are the must-haves. A lot of the additional features and nice-to-haves are skills you can add to any pattern as a modification. This pattern went through two testing phases to make sure it got the perfect fit. My pictures are from the first round, so there have been some improvements since these.
3 Sleeve lengths: This raglan comes with long, 3/4 and short sleeves. I’m only showing you the long sleeves here. The first one I made had short sleeves. It was supposed to be a muslin, but he likes it and has worn it several times. I just didn’t get pictures. Short sleeves makes this a great option for a summer tee.
Easy to modify: My husband is 6’4″ so I added 2″ to the overall length and just under the same amount to the sleeves. it was really pretty simple to do. I just recommend adding length in the middle of the sleeve rather than at the end so it doesn’t get too tight at the wrists.
Now let’s talk about fabric. This is the best part about sewing for the guys in your life. They are simple! You can save yourself several hours of fabric pairing because solids will do. I just handed hubs the handy swatch sheet with all of Amy’s cotton lycra solids on it and he marked the ones he liked. BTW, her solids are an amazing quality and price. 95% cotton, 5% spandex, excellent stretch and recovery and very easy to work with. Can this shirt get any easier?
So here is the secret to get a crazy good deal on fabric and patterns at Peek-a-Boo Patterns:
-Buy $50 of fabric or 8 yards of solid cotton lycra (CL).
-Add an extra CL Solid in there for FREE using the code “1YARDFREE”.
-Make sure you have an account so you get points for your fabric purchase and cha-ching – you start earning free patterns!
…and as an added bonus she ships super fast!
Seriously, do the math, that is an incredible deal for high quality cotton lycra – the holy grail of knit fabric sewing.
Other fabrics I think would be excellent choices for this raglan are polyester performance knit, and French terry for a pullover. I intend to try each of those at some point.
Get your copy of this pattern on sale through the end of the day 5/5. Pick up some solid colored fabrics while you are at it. (Might I recommend Grey, Charcoal Grey, White, Black and Navy)  Seriously, guys are so simple!
*This post contains affiliate links. As always, all opinions are my own and I only rave about stuff I really love.

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