I’ve been participating on and off in the #Sewphotohop over on Instagram. Today’s theme is “sewing space” so I thought it was fitting that I finally posted an updated view of my sewing room. dsc_3137
Virtual tour if you will.
My cutting table is the perfect height. It’s a little too narrow though. It was initially purchased as a family table with adjustable legs from kid to counter height, but I stole it for now. Maybe one day I’ll put one in the middle of the room on storage cubes. If I do it will be white like everything else. I used to make a lot of things for my Etsy shop so this table is set up as the snap installing location and packaging depot too.
And it’s only fair to show you my closet. These are my quilting cottons which were a major element to my sewing for my Etsy shop and now that I sew mainly apparel these get less use. Now there is a stack of them behind the entry way door just waiting to be de-stashed. See anything you want???? Let me know! 😉
Those boxes are full of plastic KAM pacifier clips. I’m still selling them here if you are interested. I’ve since removed the cubes and have a single hanging file box that holds all my patterns. It’s full.
Little glimpse of my craft storage and the bins have the other fabrics like flannels and felts.
My ironing station and knit stash. My rule is that I can’t overflow the knit storage, so I’m getting pretty busy working through it right now :P. The swivel mirror holds my sewing books and manuals, fabric scraps and planning tools. The mirror itself is not very functional for fit checks because of it’s angle. Makes my thighs look even bigger, LOL….actually not very funny.
And here is my dream team, where all the fun happens. I love these Ikea tables and drawers. You can mix and match the tables and legs and cubes and drawers to get whatever combination works best for you. The bottom drawers are tall enough for serger spools, and the shorter drawers are the perfect size for all those sewing supplies. I’d show you them, but my girls love to empty them out constantly so they don’t stay as organized as I would have it.
Well there you have it! I love looking at all your sewing spaces on the photo hop. So many creative and inspiring spaces!

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