This is Patricia, my second pattern test in the last four months. I have been resisting the temptation oh so well, but I gave in for this top. The second Katie posted it I signed up. And I signed up for the dramatic cut with the bell sleeves. Go big or go home.
Want to win a copy of this pattern? I’ll be running a giveaway on my Instagram page Thursday through Sunday! (And leaving some comment love here gets you an extra entry 😉
This is just different from most little girls dress and tops. It is so sophisticated and trendy.  Patricia is a boho top and dress from Simple Life Pattern Company. It comes with a dramatic hi-lo cut as pictured, which is great paired with leggings and also a modest cut which doesn’t have to do with the modesty of the shirt, but rather it’s the opposite of dramatic 😉 We went for all the drama. The sleeves can be tank, cap, short, long or bell. Bell sleeves are perfect for the boho look but since it’s going to be getting pretty hot here we also made a sleeveless version.  For the bell sleeved top I used the new Art Gallery Fusions rayon. I actually won this from an Instagram contest that Simple Life Patterns ran so if you don’t follow them you should! And while you’re at it follow me too! I sew for my whole family so lots of inspiration and I love meeting other sewists.  Rayon and Voile are great substrates to use with this pattern because of their amazing drape, and the rayon is light weight, so even though we went with the bell sleeves I think she’ll be wearing it a lot this summer.
If you have loads of quilting cotton though it works just fine. Here is our sleeveless version done with Art Gallery quilting cotton available here or in voile here.
This pattern was fun to sew. No closures make it easy to get on and off and cut down on sewing time (Though in full disclosure I also like closures. Even though they take longer to make they add great details and allow for higher necklines or a more fitted top.) Patrica has the extra neck room in the back and the flowy nature of the top lends itself well to no closures.
Thanks so much for stopping by, Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of this top – I hear it just might come in mommy sizes soon!
Get your pattern here:
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With that being said, totally (well not totally) off topic, but take a look at this beauty 😛 I took all of these pictures with my new 85mm (first time I got to try it out), and I’m so happy with them. Now this camera is on sale and it’s $400 off what it’s been for as long as I’ve been watching it, which is a really good deal for Nikon (about 25% off). I’m sooooo tempted!


  1. mamidesofiona Reply

    First of all, love these and, yes, I’ve been following you! Regarding your “off topic” comments. I’m super curious about the 85mm specifically in comparison to a 50mm. I have the 50mm and wonder if I should get the 85, but don’t know if the difference is worth having both. If you have any thoughts on that, please let me know!!

    • Hey, thank you! So I have a 35mm already and added the 85mm. Those two work well together, and with that pair I don’t think I need a 50mm. That said if you have a 50mm, both the 35mm and 85mm are pretty close to it, so the difference you would get from going with either wouldn’t be as great as it was for me jumping to an 85mm from a 35mm. You can always try renting one to see what you think. Or maybe save up until you have a need for a lens that you know you can’t get with your 50mm. Hope that makes sense! There’s never a perfect answer for what to get next in photography! Lenses also have good resale value so if you find you like an 85mm but can’t justify that it is close to the 50mm you can trade the 50mm for a 35mm or something. Just some thoughts, don’t do that if you love your 50mm!

      • mamidesofiona Reply

        Actually, yes, this totally helps. I can see the benefits to the 85 and 35. I’ll have to do a bit more research here. Thank you!

  2. Cute dresses Michelle! I really love the Patricia- I won’t say I HATE closures, but I DO love a good quick finish 😉

  3. Lovely dresses! The boho dress is amazing with the sleeves and high low drapiness.
    My 4 year old daughter would love it!

  4. Tessa Mohundro Reply

    Hey there! I’m in LOVE with this outfit style but the pattern link is broken! Is there any other way I can get my hands on this adorable pattern? I have yet to find anything like it!

    • I am so sorry that I didn’t see this post either. Glad you figured it out and that found me on Facebook. Sorry I haven’t figured out a good way to filter the copious amount of spam comments. Sometimes that means I loose real ones.

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