At 4 and a half months postpartum I have been doing a lot of thinking about my wardrobe. I have been pregnant and losing pregnancy weight for most of the last 4 years. Now that I am back to my “normal” size again I can’t wear any of my old clothes because they are too short and don’t fit me right. Back in the day I just dealt with it, but I can’t anymore now that I know what it’s like to make clothes that fit me. Plus my life is different. I need a stay at home mom wardrobe that is comfortable yet put together, and resistant to wardrobe mishaps that tend to accompany life with littles. However with 3 kids three and under I can’t just make all the things like I used to, so I really have to be intentional about my makes.
Of the clothes I have already made for myself I only love a fraction of them. Some are comfortable but maybe too casual and the rest just aren’t me. There’s a lot to say about my journey so far. For instance, I set up this criteria for buying new fabric or patterns:

  • I’m ready to start the project
  • I know exactly what I’m going to make with it
  • I’ve already tried to use the fabric I have first
  • I’ve sketched it out like this:

I got this book to help me learn how to draw croquis and design clothing. I am just blown away with how much is in it! So many illustrations that teach you how to draw different design elements and how to render various fabric types. And there are loads of information about fashion design. I highly recommend!

However, that is an art in and of itself, and to speed things up for now I use this sketchpad with a wide array of croquis already there. So I can get right to the “designing” part.

Eventually I would like to get these watercolor pencils to help with rendering the designs more accurately but in the meantime I’m just using colored pencils.

Planning my outfits is one step, but I still need help determining what to prioritize and what clothes work best for me so that I make things that I love to pick over and over again.
I was just getting ready to do my big Kon-Mari purge when I discovered the Curated Closet.


I’m so excited about this book and I believe it is just what I need to help me build my wardrobe the right way. It’s a lot to read (but there are a lot of pictures ;)) and there are exercises that will require dedication and commitment, but I need to go through this process if I’m going to spend precious time sewing my wardrobe.
The very first exercise is to photo-document your outfit choices for two weeks and record where you wore them, and then do some analysis after that. Since this is Me Made May, I have a head start because I’ve been snapping shots of my clothing choices already…at least some days. Posting an Instagram selfie every day started feeling a little awkward to me. I moved some to my stories and failed all together to photograph others. But I have a handful of pictures from the last two weeks and I will try and be more diligent for the rest of the month since it’s for this exercise now.
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When thinking about where to record my thoughts for this exercise I decided to do it right here on my blog. Its a good place for me to store text and pictures, and I know I am not the only person who is going through this process of refining/building their wardrobe. Hopefully sharing my process can inspire others who are in my same boat. Also I would love to glean some input while I do this. I am not a fashion guru by any stretch of the imagination and apparently I don’t have to be one to figure this out. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions as I walk through this. So please don’t hesitate to leave some feedback 😉 Thank you for following along. I’ll update links to the future posts in this series as it unfolds!
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  1. We’re in a similar place except I’m over a year since having my last baby and I’m just now addressing the problem I have with my wardrobe. I have five children and I’ve been pregnant/nursing/etc for the last six years. Now that we’re done growing our family I need to rebuild my wardrobe. I haven’t seen anything for myself in years. At the time I wasn’t as well versed in my sewing so I didn’t love anything I made. Now I’m more skilled but short on time! I’ll be watching you for inspiration!

    • I’m excited! It’s a lot of work to figure out what you like, but it’s fun to finally start getting it right! I’ve been recording some of the process on my instagram stories,but I am due for a follow-up blog post 😛

  2. Super interesting! I’m long past my post-baby body, but the body, I tell you, it keeps a changin’! 😉 I’m over menopause now and geez… Oh well!
    I was looking up the Pantone Pad (seems really useful) and I stumbled upon the following one which uses body shapes/lengths that are more natural than the traditional ultra-elongated figures in most others, so I thought I’d share:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

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