I started capturing my wardrobe journey on my blog a couple of months ago so if you missed it, here is Part 1.

The first step in The Curated Closet was to document and analyze my outfit selections for 2 weeks. The book talks about not cutting corners on the exercises but I will. I’ll otherwise never finish this process with three little ones running around unless I momify it.

Document my outfits:
So my pictures are all documented on my Instagram, But basically this is most of them.

My overarching take-away was that I was excited about very little in my closet… (Until I bought those pink J.Crew chinos and made that Chi-Town Chinos Skirt in Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Les Fleurs Canvas of course). I also learned that I don’t like to wear florals as much as I liked to buy popular floral fabrics (so immediate restriction on patterned fabric purchases went in place). I think this applies mostly to floral tops and dresses though because, again, that Les Fleurs skirt makes me so happy!
One aha moment for me was realizing how my hair-style (or lack there-of) played into it. I never do my hair and when I looked at all of these pictures that felt like the biggest contributor to my frumpiness. So I bought this curling wand and started making improvements in that area immediately.

Styling the hairs makes a BIG difference people! Though I still have more to learn about how to get the beachy waves I want, I’m quite pleased with how quickly I can make myself look put together.
Truthfully I’m already way more excited about what is in my closet with the addition of the 8 items I made this summer – more on that in Part 3, but let’s talk about the next step in the process:
The Mood Board
The book encourages you to use Pinterest but have your mood board in a document where you can have more control and be able to group things. My momification of that rule was to just use Pinterest anyway and then Google Photos for other screen shots. I’ve learned a lot about my style through the process so I’m pretty sure it’s fine to do it that way. Here is my Pinterest mood board.
Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 8.57.31 PM
Now I don’t know all the style labels, but I’m supposed to try and describe it so here goes.
I like to be styled and put together but with well worn and loved clothes. I want to look like I didn’t try and also look like I did try at the same time. I like the oversized comfort yet figure flattering look. Keep me covered, let me bend over and chase my kids but look confident, put together and trendy in the process.
So I’m not sure if that really says anything concrete so here are the trends I see when I look at my board:

  • Very Distressed Denim
  • Shirt-dresses (mostly gingham and denim/chambray)
  • Muted tones
  • Stripes
  • Solids
  • More stripes
  • Jackets (blazers/denim/utility jackets/vests) – I’m wondering if this means I don’t like sweaters or cardigans. I do find I don’t wear them often.
  • Light colored denims
  • Bold colored chinos
  • Oversized sweatshirts (still slim fitting, just long)

Other notes:

  • I gravitate to the oversized look because it’s always been hard for me to achieve given my height. So extra long sleeves and long hemlines on sweatshirts and jackets especially are appealing.
  • I am realizing that sewing my own clothes reintroduces the option of wearing dresses now that I can make them long enough. (For a tall person, dresses take the biggest hit in length because we loose the length in the torso and the legs. A RTW dress is typically 4-6″ too short on me! add toddlers to that and you have wardrobe mishaps right and left.)
  • I am a long hourglass figure, with an athletic build. My skin tone is neutral (neither cool nor warm).
  • Shoes are still hard to style because of the limited options in my size and I avoid heals. After I “master” sewing my clothes I want to learn to make my own shoes next!

So my next wardrobe post will be  a review of what I’ve made since I’ve started my journey, and why I jumped into that before completing the Curated Closet exercises. Remember my spring/summer plan?
After that I hope to have my fall sewing list planned out and I will share that with you. If you are interested in following along I suggest subscribing to my blog. I update my posts as I am able so I can’t really give an idea when to expect the next one 😉
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