I have a freebie pattern for you today along with a fabric giveaway – YAY!!!
*This post is sponsored by Raspberry Creek Fabrics (RCF). All fabrics pictured were provided by RCF and the gorgeous woodland prints are a part of the fall custom fabric line designed by Ella Randall.
These baby bandana bibs are all the rage and for good reason! We have at least a dozen of them and they get used consistently for like the first 18 months of baby’s life. Plus they’re perfect for both boys and girls.
The design of this bib is different from the tutorials I’ve seen out there because it contours to the neck in a stylish and functional way. This is due to the concave cut out of the back pattern piece. Try it out, I think you’ll like it!
4410Bandana-Bib130817_edited-2BlogSo if you have a little one in your life or baby showers coming up, find some jersey scraps and lets get started (or pin for later).
Supplies needed:

  • This FREE SewJourners Bandana Bib pattern. (I recommend exporting as a PDF and printing through Adobe to ensure sizing is accurate. Either way, check 1″ square!)
  • 1/3 yard jersey knit fabric (cotton lycra, interlock, jersey cotton)
  • 1/3 yard of french terry fabric
  • Optional: Small scraps of lightweight interfacing (3 pieces roughly 2″x3″ea.)
  • 4 snaps size 14-16 open ring metal prong snaps. (I used size 14, some links below if you need some)

You will also need a serger for the method in this tutorial. If you just have a sewing machine you have the option of leaving the edges raw (they will curl some) or adding a seam allowance, sewing the pieces right sides together, turning and topstitching. It will take longer but will look very nice!
Let’s get started!
(1) Cut and assemble
Cut one front on the fold in your main fabric and one back on the fold in your french terry. Notch or mark the top center fold on each piece.
Optional: Following manufacturers instructions, fuse a scrap of interfacing to the wrong side (smooth side) of the french terry fabric at the point on the bottom of the bib and at the top two inches of the straps. This will help prevent curling and is also advised when installing snaps, though I have had no trouble with the snaps when I haven’t installed interfacing.
Place both pieces wrong sides together (The looped side of the french terry is considered the right side for this project). Align the bottom corner and up both sides pinning as you go.
Then bring the top center notches to meet and pin. The front piece will have excess fabric and that is ok. Continue pinning the top of the bib.
(2) Serge around the edge
Beginning at the bottom corner serge around the bib with a 3/8″ seam allowance. As you get to the top strap you will adjust the front/main fabric as you go so that the raw edges are always together despite them having different shapes. Go slow around the curve, careful not to stretch the fabric, and stopping to re-adjusting the fabric as needed.
When you reach the concave section you will continue to go slow aligning the raw edges and keeping the excess main fabric out of the way.
Before coming all the way around I like to stop and tie off my starting stitches. In theory you will go over these stitches again on the way out, but not a lot so to prevent potential unraveling I unpick the tail and tie it off. Then on your way around make sure not to cut the tie with the serger knife.
After you chain off once again unpick the tail and tie it off.
Press the bib as pictured, you will be pressing a crease onto the straps where you have excess fabric on the front.
(3) Install the snaps
Following the manufacturer’s instructions, install the snaps with the female sockets on the right side (when looking at it) and the male studs on the left. I measure and mark 1″ apart so they line up evenly. The stud will be installed with the stud on the main fabric and the ring on the back/french terry side. The socket will have the ring on the main side and the socket on the back.
And your done! These are great for batch sewing and you have a full set to gift to friends, and make a handful for yourself too! I like to have several patterned bibs, striped and solids to match a variety of outfits and also to be the main statement piece.
Raspberry Creek Fabrics has an introductory week-long sale right now on their new fall CLUB lines and these woodland prints are part of them. Check out the complete line, there are foxes and owls too. Aren’t they adorable? – and just perfect for these bandana bibs!
Want to win some fabric? Raspberry Creek Fabrics is generously offering a $25 Gift Card. This is a great way to snag some of these new fall prints.
Here is the Rafflecopter giveaway.
Thank you for giving this a try, Please spread the love and share on Pinterest so others can try it too!
For my little guy’s outfit I made the Happy Feet PJ top and the pants are from Ottobre’s Fall 2017 magazine
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  1. Allison Parrish Reply

    I love the new Burgundy Mustard and Teal Stripe Watercolor Floral! Perfect fall colors!

  2. I think the mushrooms are my favorite, but it might be all of the prints from the for the boys line! Thank you for this pattern. I love the way you designed it!

  3. The hedgehogs are my favorite! My little is almost 2 now, so this will make cute baby shower gifts!

  4. Adorable!! I would have to make some with those mint, teal, and olive arrows!!

  5. Great pattern! I love my bandana bibs too–I’ll have to give yours a try 🙂 And as for my favorite print, I love the foxes and the circuit boards. They’re all so adorable though!

  6. I love the idea of the shorter back! Genius! Hate when they work their way up into babes mouth:-/

  7. Those blue hedgehogs are adorable and would be perfect for my little nephews 🙂

  8. Adorable! I can’t decide if I like the hedgehogs or owls best! I’ll have to make a few for my little guy. ?

  9. Lacramioara Reply

    Love the bin pattern and all those cute fall prints are to die for!

  10. I really love the boys line, but I think especially the mountains and fingerprints.

  11. club fabric is such fantastic quality. My husband likes the circuit boards.

  12. Elizabeth P. Reply

    Cute bibs! I’ll have to make some for gifts. My favorite fabric in the fall line is the foxes and the burgundy floral! I have such a hard time choosing – I love shopping at raspberry creek fabrics!

  13. Lori smith Reply

    Super cute! I love all the raspberry creek fabrics! I seriously want to buy everything in their shop ????

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