I’ve been on a journey to build a wardrobe that actually fits my 6′ frame and that I love to wear. This is the 3rd part in my series. See part 1 and part 2 if you want to catch up 😉  Sometimes it seems like I hardly get a chance to make anything, so it’s helpful to step back and look at my summer progress!
I am slowly working through Curated Closet,

Although it is a process and in the meantime I had to start making clothes asap because I really had nothing to wear after having my 3rd kid. I put all other sewing aside  (Read: I bought my girls ready-to-wear for the season and I didn’t sign up for pattern tests), and got busy.
However I didn’t want to make a bunch of quick clothes that I would get bored of quickly, so I needed to make sure I would love them even before I’ve gone through the process of figuring out my style. I did that by sketching out my plan. Not only does it help me visualize the finished outfits, but it helps make sure I will have coordinating pieces that I can mix and match by forcing me to think up the whole outfit and not just one piece that I want. This has similar benefits to a capsule sudoku with some creative liberties since I am not limiting myself to 9 pieces. Plus it’s a new form of art I want to learn. So when I’m away from home and dreaming about my sewing makes I can work on these.
Let me walk you through what I planned for this summer, how much I completed, what got pushed to fall and what got scrapped.
First up is the Anza (modified to tunic) made from Cotton and Steel’s Zephyr Rayon designed by Rashida Coleman Hale. I changed my mind on the pants. I have had turquoise pants pinned for a couple years now. I wanted the Emers from Stitch Fix, but even Stitch Fix doesn’t make clothes long enough for me. The good thing about following a plan like this is I become aware of what I really want. I don’t put them in any order, but rather I start on whichever piece I’m itching to sew next. Then I can evaluate the items I keep pushing off and ask myself why. Do I not like it anymore? Is it the wrong season? In this case I realized I don’t really want bright bold colored pants anymore. I feel like turquoise is on it’s way out for me and these sketches helped me get there before I wasted time and fabric.
Here’s the McCall’s button down top using a modified McCalls 7351 I wrote about the process, including the bleaching experience here. I decided to buy the pink shorts from J.Crew instead of making them, because shorts are one of the few things I can get in my size. I love that J.Crew has a variety of inseams so I get to pick what’s right for me.
I didn’t get to the denim dress. I have a couple denim and chambray shirt dresses that I want to make for fall, but I think I’m going to re-think and re-draw this one. I’m still planning to make the grey tencel woven joggers. They got pushed to fall sewing once the 100 degree weather hit. The mustard stripes got replaced with these navy stripes which I made with the free Lago Tank pattern:
For this next drawing the only outfit that I made exactly as drawn was the second one. The others I changed up a bit. The black and white stripes was my first run before deciding to go with the Anza Dress.
This is that second outfit. I made the Santa Fe Top by Hey June and the Chi Town Chinos Skirt by Alina Designs.
Here’s a better picture, paired with my sleeveless chambray button down.
Here is the purple sorbet chambray redrawn. The navy and white stripes got pushed back, but I’m not sure I’ll make it for fall either because the colors are more summery. I found the perfect fabric for it, so I’ll save it for next spring. The gray dress is below.  As you can see I tried a new medium – watercolor pencils. I have since found a better skin tone pencil and learned a few things about this method, so hopefully you’ll see an improvement in my fall plan!
Here is the Purple Sorbet Willamette. I blogged about it here.
And here is the gray tank dress. Again I used the Lago Tank, lengthened it, and widened the straps for full strap coverage. this is the perfect secret pajama attire. Just throw it on and look put together. I’m also all about the long hems in the back. They make mom life so much less embarrassing.
On this last sketch I have a chambray Willamette that I didn’t make once I got the idea to make the dress version. I’ll save that for next spring. The Trevi Top I made and love. The pink shorts were my staple piece this summer and I wore them with pretty much anything. The Gingham button down didn’t get made and here’s another view of the Anza paired with Ginger jeans which got bumped to fall sewing once the weather heated up, but I’m proud to say I finished them today and they will get their own blog post!
Here is my Trevi. I also wanted to make white cropped jeans this summer once it got too hot for blue jeans. I bought two different white stretch denims but neither are bleach white so unless I can figure out how to get them bleach white I may have to dye them some other color. These white jeans I got from the Gap, but returned them due to fit issues. #thisiswhywesew.

So that is my Summer recap! I am happy with my progress and I feel like I actually have clothes in my closet that I like to wear. I’m working on my fall plan now. Ideally it would be done already and I would buy my fabric from that and make the items ahead of time, but I’m still working in reverse. My stash is enough that I need to consider what is currently there rather than sourcing all the pieces from new fabrics. I want to have a responsible stash so that I can eventually pick colors and fabrics in season and not be forced to use fabrics from prior seasons that I impulse bought without considering if I had the time to use it immediately. One day I’ll catch up though, if I stick to the plan!
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  1. Wow! Kudos to you! I am very impressed with your journey and your achievements, all around. It is greatly inspiring to me. Thanks for for sharing it with us!

  2. Very inspiring! Thank you for all the great photos and self refection.

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