Happy Birthday Son!

2017-12-27_Andrews-1st-BDay_1005_edited-1WMOur third child. It may take me a little longer to get his baby book made, but he’s getting a dedicated blog post. I may not have made him a new outfit for his first birthday, but I made him new shoes and his own birthday hat. He may have to share his birthday with Christmas, but he had his own little celebration, and photo shoot.
2017-12-26_Andrews-1st-BDay_1093_edited-1BlogWMI totally get why the third child usually gets the short straw. I was determined not to let it turn out that way, but wowzers what a year! This sweet boy has been a remarkably wonderful baby, great sleeper, even keel, exceptionally cheerful child. But all three kids (3 and under) together and I felt like I was bobbing in a sea of constant diapers, chaos, burning food, suckling, crumbs and toys everywhere, and I could barely catch my breath. Everyday. All day. Do it again.
2017-12-27_Andrews-1st-BDay_0983_edited-2BlogWMAnd yet we made it! He’s one. He’s walking and climbing. He loves cars, balls, Duplos and his elephant. He loves to wrestle, but will cry the second he feels bullied. He is loud especially when he wants food. He is strong and can wiggle his way out of anything. He can hold a cuddle for at least a whole minute, an impressive stat for any child of mine. He is genuinely happy and we love him to pieces.

I used the Peekaboo Patterns L’il Papoose Moccasins to make his leather mocs. This is the third pair I’ve made but my first time using leather. The versions I made out of faux leather and canvas took literally minutes to make. This pattern is a breeze. The leather took me a little longer. Because it is thicker material and a little harder to work with, the channel for the elastic ended up being too small, so in the future I need to give a little extra room on the fringe pieces to accommodate that. I also modified the fringe to allow for a separate piece in front to get the style I was going for.
For the first months of walking I prefer leather bottom shoes. The girls had a pair of Pedipeds but I would have had to buy a new pair for him. The bottoms of these mocs are essentially the same. I’m super happy with this make because I truly saved a decent amount of money, even when you factor in my time. I want to make an Oxford style pair next if I get to it soon enough.
2017-12-27_Andrews-1st-BDay_0899_edited-2BlogWM I got the leather from a scrap box from Peggy Sue Also. I have gotten way more than my money’s worth from that box. There was enough of the same colors to make two full pairs of mocs, and then maybe a couple more if I do what I did with these and use a slightly different color on the sole. I’ve used the scraps as accents, like in this pouch. I still have a lot to work with, so it goes a long way. I highly recommend it to build a little leather stash and get comfortable working with it, and understanding what type you like most. I got a small camel colored piece that is super soft and pliable and I am hoarding it for the perfect project.
2017-12-27_Andrews-1st-BDay_1056_edited-1BlogWMI made the Happy Birthday banners 5 years ago and we use them for everybody’s birthday. It saves time decorating and makes a special tradition. Each kid has their own banner with their name on it that hangs over their bed during the year and I add it to the decorations on their birthdays. The back of the birthday banner says congrats and the happy banner I keep up in my sewing room using the blank side. Come to think of it I should leave the sided that says happy up going forward. It’s a good word…
Do you have birthday decorations that you get out for each birthday?

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