The Simple Life Pattern company is having their bi-annual sale and all pre-existing patterns are 30% off (Use code SUMMER18). Since ALL my girls dresses are SLPco patterns I have to share my most recent ones with you.

Every year I make them dresses for their birthday and for Christmas. It works out for me because then they have something special for summer and winter. I let my three year old pick out her fabrics, and she picked the heart stamped denim because it was the same fabric as the purse I made her for Christmas last year.

It took me a while to figure out what to make from the denim because it’s a bottom weight. I liked the idea of a pinafore but didn’t have a pattern. I started out drafting a simple one but it ended up being too simple. She needed more than that. I got something in my head but didn’t have a pattern for it so I looked through the Simple Life patterns I had and Jaimesyn jumped out at me. I realized without the side panel it would be a pinafore. Super easy hack, I didn’t have to redraw any pieces, I just had to enclose the side seams in the front bodice. Then I attached the front bodice to a waistband so it would be a continuous loop the intended width of the dress and attached the waistband to the skirt like the original bodice was supposed to attach.

It can be worn alone for a simple childhood look:

Or over any other dress or shirt,

I needed another dress to throw it over so I made her a more festive one. This is my 73634th Isla dress.

This is her favorite of the two and it gets worn all the time. Surprise surprise. Those pom poms were the perfect touch. And for the record, the pinafore is my favorite of the two. I’m going to keep it when it gets too small.

The sale runs through July 31st so you can get both of these patterns for 30% off using code SUMMER18.

See this post for the two dresses I made big sister for her birthday.

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