The Simple Life Pattern Company bi-annual sale is still going strong and I have two more new dresses to share.

If you didn’t catch my previous post I shared little sister’s birthday dresses, and now I’m sharing big sister’s birthday dresses.

On big sister’s birthday morning she came into our room wearing her birthday dress from last year. And reported that she was wearing it because she didn’t get one this year. Well things were off to a great start. I was hoping they hadn’t picked up on the tradition yet because I hadn’t started her dress yet. I quickly told her she was getting a dress this year it was just coming later. As soon as the festivities were over I whipped these up in record time.

I started off with a knit Lucy in the fabrics of her choice. She is all about Trolls these days, so the bright colors jumped out at her as perfect for a troll dress.

The whole time I was making it I feared the colors were too childish. Granted she’s only 5 so maybe I wasn’t as worried about her feelings as much as I feared how many people were going to ask me if I made her dress. I determined I was going to make her another one with my fabric choices next and that is how she ended up with two dresses.

Of course she doesn’t think it’s too childish and the pockets are a big hit as always.  The racer back style of the Lucy dress is perfect for summer (sorry I forgot to get pictures of it) and easy for everyone to know front from back. Am I the only one who struggles with this?

The Lucy is originally a woven top with a back button placket. You need the knit add on for this version, so picking it up during this 30% off sale is the time to buy. (code: SUMMER18)

The waist ended up a little wavy on this one. I always add clear elastic when attaching the skirts to knit bodices otherwise this happens. I added clear elastic this time too, but I had some serger issues so I think a lot of it may have gotten chewed up. Had I not been in a hurry I probably would have added another strip of elastic (probably still could) but my mind was already on the next dress.

I was excited to try a new pattern and the Piper dress did not disappoint. I was drawn to the comfort and dressing ease of the elastic waist and I knew the 3 tiers of ruffles in front would be a crowd pleaser. I’m thrilled to say she loves both her dresses and they both get lots of wear, but she wears this one everywhere, on repeat, until it’s filthy and right when it comes out of the wash.

I love that it’s simple and sophisticated and that nobody has asked me if I made it. (To be honest nobody asked me if I made the first one either.) Not that I am not proud of what I make, but I’ve noticed the more high quality and on trend a garment is the more people don’t assume I’ve made it, so that comes as it’s own compliment as backwards as it sounds.

She was pretty much done with pictures and ready for our traditional post-picture-birthday-date by the time she changed into this dress so I didn’t exactly get the pictures I was out to get, but she got a few she wanted:

I cut the modest back, but it was still low enough that the dress kept falling off her shoulders so I made a half inch folded strip of self fabric and sewed it to the shoulder straps in back and it keeps the dress on beautifully while making a rather cute design element. I did it after these pictures but I found one from our 4th of July festivities that shows it. (I told you she wears this for everything!)

Remember the sale runs through July 31st so you can get all of these patterns for 30% off using code SUMMER18.

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