Ok, I’m noticing a trend. I sew patterns in sets. I’m not sure if I do it to save time, or because I want to try different fabrics with the same pattern. In all fairness though, this is called the Nikko top and dress so I don’t see why I wouldn’t make the Nikko top AND dress.

I made a True Bias Nikko sleeveless top back when the pattern just launched, but I used a fabric that had slightly less stretch than the pattern called for and I didn’t size up. Consequently it doesn’t get worn much and I put the pattern aside. Fast forward to my acquisition of the absolutely amazing rib knit from Indiesew that I bought because everybody raves about it and it always goes out of stock really fast. That’s not my typical nor recommended reason for buying fabric, but because of it I had to determine something to make with it and the Nikko was an obvious choice.

When the Kila released I sat down to see how I could get a Kila and something else out of each 2.5 yard cut. A long sleeved Nikko and a sleeveless dress both fit perfectly and would each fill very different holes in my wardrobe. I wasn’t at all worried about sizing, knowing I was using fabric with the right amount of stretch so I cut them both at the same time without muslining.

I shortened the dress to a midi length because I wanted to, and because I had to. I had already made a Kila out of the heather charcoal rib knit before making sure I had enough for anything else. To make sure it fit, first I added my necessary sewing tall length adjustments at all the lengthen lines and then removed length from the hem.

This is hands down the most comfortable dress I own and probably the fanciest too. The simple silhouette creates very elegant style lines. It is probably more of a dinner party/date night dress than a casual church dress.  I tried wearing it to church and got maybe too many compliments. Compliments like “Wow, you look really nice today” hehe…

So a few thoughts on shoes. If you notice, I’m wearing my brown clogs with a grey dress. The truth? I don’t own any black summer shoes. I have a total of 5 summer shoes which I curated this year because my feet grew after three pregnancies. I almost bought a black pair of Pons, but I don’t like black and I wanted a color I would like. I determined that I rarely wear anything that necessitates black shoes so I would just try and go without. It has been a non-issue, until this dress, but when I tried this on with the clogs it looked right to me. Maybe it’s because we determine our own style and fashion is fluid, but I think this dress looks good with brown shoes. Plus I think that tones down the fanciness and makes it more church appropriate!

The top is a classic sweater that will get tons of wear in fall and winter. I used the rust rib knit that is out of stock. I have always loved ribbed mock turtle necks and simultaneously suffered with RTW styles being too short. The style is appealing to me and works well with my body type. I had never made anything out of rib knit though, because every time I’ve purchased some it has had tons of stretch and zero recovery. After 3 purchase fails I gave up on the substrate. It took several Indiesew stories describing their fabric and many people gushing over it to convince me that not all rib knit is made alike. So I’m glad I gave it another try. My take away is that I will only ever buy it from fabric companies I trust and that curate high quality fabrics.

I wore this top to church last week. Not intentionally. I actually wore a Lou Box Top, but the AC was blasting inside. Since we had just photographed this top that morning I had it in the car so I changed and was the most comfortable, temperature regulated person in the whole building I’m sure. The compliments I got this time were “You always have such good style” and “I love your top, you didn’t make that though right?” Probably the best compliments I could get 😀

Time Investment:

I didn’t track cutting time, but assembly was 1 hour and 35 minutes for the dress and just 35 minutes for the top!  The dress took longer because of the arm hole bindings and the split hem. The shirt is just an easy peasy sew.

I am a part of the Indiesew Blogger team and this post was compensated by Indiesew. As always I express my true honest opinions and only rave about things I love. If I don’t like something I either tell you, or I don’t blog it 🙂



  1. Isn’t it funny how there’s an unspoken (or maybe someone did say it?) rule that although neutrals go with everything, they cannot go with each other? I know just how you feel about the whole “ack, I can’t mix grey/black and brown because FASHION SIN!” thing. The other “rule” is that you can’t wear black and navy, but I know from personal experience that that particular combo actually looks pretty good when done right.

    I think it’s yet more proof that just about anything can work as long as the wearer is wearing it with confidence. And I love both your top AND your dress! I have a RTW ribbed turtleneck sweater that I love because it’s very flattering; I think I may need to finally cave in and buy the Nico pattern now. =)

    • Yup, confidence is key! I agree, the ribbed turtleneck is a very flattering style. Now sure what it is about it…

  2. I love these! I totally understand the black shoe thing and the sizing up with pregnancies… I have had to get all new shoes over the last ten years after my three pregnancies as well. 🙁 I have a few black shoes now, but I don’t really love them. I have shoes similar to your brown ones and just wear them with everything anyway! I have started to just combine nuetrals at whim… why not?! 🙂

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