Fall is my favorite season to sew for. I love cozy fall clothing and there are so many amazing styles going on right now. Fall sewing can by paralyzing because my list is REALLY long. However, this year I didn’t get stuck in the planning mode and just started making things in the order my passions dictated. This Tabor V-Neck sweater was one of my first fall makes and I’m confident to report back to you that I’ve worn it probably 15 times already. So I’m not just pretending that I like it. (I never do that anyway) I REALLY LOVE it. The pattern itself is amazing with the dropped shoulders, boxy shape, wide V-Neck and cozy style with the split hem, not to mention this is only one of five very different views. But I think I really hit the pattern/fabric combo jackpot with this one.

I picked up 2 yards of this grey textured double knit from Indiesew back in the spring when they launched their Seamly collection. I originally purchased it to make the Inari Tee dress version, but I changed my mind once I got the Tabor pattern and realized how perfect it was for that. The fabric has a really unique ribbed texture, a super soft hand with a little bit of structure, no recovery and is lightweight. It checked all of the boxes.

The shirt feels like a cloud, looks like something you can’t make because of the unique texture and coordinates with pretty much anything. It’s paired here with the Claryville jeans I made at Camp Workroom Social – pattern coming soon.

Time Investment:

It took me 90 minutes to sew, but I fudged the collar my first go around so a half hour was spent fixing that. Without that error it took me 60-70 minutes.

Inari Tee

I was pleased that with less than a yard of fabric left over, I still had enough for the Inari Tee. Never-mind that I had to make the cropped tee instead of the dress :D.

I made it at the same time as my Tabor, and wore it a couple times with my Lander Shorts but once it got cold it needed to wait for me to up my high-waist pants game. I started with these Kendrick Overalls in mustard twill from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. I also have the Dawn Jeans and Persephones coming up soon, and then this top will be in full rotation.

What I’m loving about this top is how the style lines work with my shape. If I wear high-waist pants with a fitted top it magnifies my straight figure because even though I have a small waist I also have a small upper body, so my waist gets lost. A boxy crop gives a visual waistline at my waist and fills out my upper body, helping define my figure.

The other thing I love about the Inari is that it truly is a scrap buster. The cropped style needs very little length and the boxy shape is not very wide so it uses a lot less fabric than other boxy tops. I also squeezed one out of my beloved Grace linen viscose that I used in my Wiksten Kimono.

I got both the Tabor and the Inari in paper pattern format from Indiesew. I try and buy paper whenever possible because the couple extra dollars spent is saved in paper, printing and assembly time. Plus they are pretty, and they come with an instruction booklet, which is handy to have by my side when I sew. I especially love that Indiesew stocks paper patterns, because their pattern selection is so large that whenever I buy fabric I’m able to add pretty much any pattern to my order and not have to pay additional shipping.

Time Investment: 64 minutes to sew not including cutting time.

I am part of the Indiesew Blogger team and this post was compensated by Indiesew. As always I express my true honest opinions and only rave about things I love. If I don’t like something I either tell you, or I don’t blog it ?


  1. Ooh that knit texture is to die for! All of these pieces, including the tees, look very expensive – no one will ever guess they were leftovers! : )

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