Originally when I planned my Wiksten Kimono I  wanted to make it in boiled wool viscose, but at the time I couldn’t find any in the right color. Since then Blackbird Fabrics stocked all the colors. I had my heart set on this beautiful rust tone, but since I already made a the Wiksten Kimono in rust it didn’t make sense to buy it. Then Alina came out with the Fulton Sweater Blazer. A classic sweater that fits my comfort zone beautifully. I could totally justify having this rust wool sweater AND my rust linen kimono.

This sweater is timeless, classic and preppy. Lately I’ve been trying more trendy styles that are a bit out of my comfort zone, and I’ve been liking them, but this is classic. The slimming style lines and hits-below-the-hip design that goes so well with my long frame is never going away for me. Not to mention this killer collar view that broke the internet (and Alina’s webpage).

I took Alina’s advise and interlined the sleeves since I used a wool which isn’t the softest substrate ever – though it is pretty amazing in this viscose blend) I cut the lining out of a green vented knit from my stash since it wouldn’t be visible. Then I decided to color block it at the bottom with a white linen viscose so that if I rolled the cuff it would still look fine. Good thing I did because I had a perfect storm of errors and ended up with sleeves that are a good 3″ too long. An experience that is completely foreign to my monkey arms.  I added 3″ to the pattern, which is my normal adjustment and would have been fine, but then I forgot to cut the sleeve at the hem so I ended up with an extra 1″ there and additionally my wool stretched out 2″. That was a rookie mistake – I’ve never worked with wool before. I might eventually take the sleeves apart to shorten them, but it hasn’t stopped me from wearing it, so I probably won’t get around to that any time soon.

The other adjustments I made were a broad back adjustment and I added 3″ to the length. I cut a size 6, even though my current measurements are 34/26/36 which is a straight size 4. I think I did that because I normally fit the size 6 measurements and I must doubt I’ll be able to keep running 15-20 miles a week like I do right now? Or I figured wool didn’t have much stretch and I was lining the sleeves? I’m not sure, but regardless, this is technically a size up and I like the fit.

I have another cut of wool in white and want to make a cropped jacket out of it. I was going to make a cropped Wiksten, but now I’m leaning towards a cropped Fulton. I go back and forth so in the meantime I’m going to work on something else until I can make up my mind. Feel free to opine!


  1. So gorgeous!!!!! I was thinking about a cropped fulton too because i didn’t buy enough fabric. ?

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