As the temps began to drop this year I analyzed my closet and decided I needed a simple boring grey hoodie. No bells or whistles. Every time I make a sweatshirt I do something that veers from the standard pullover. I add a cowl, or skip the kangaroo pocket or add a front zip. So I thought maybe I should stick to the plan this time.

On Black Friday Adrianna launched the Brunswick Pullover and I knew that was the pattern I would go with because of the dropped shoulder. Still a standard pullover, but with more layering room. But that button placket! How was I going to stay strong and stick to the plan?

While searching for the right fabric I kept coming back to the 4 way stretch organic fleece from Raspberry Creek. It looked like the coziest sweatshirt fleece out there. When I went to purchase it there were three new colors and I made a last minute decision to go with dusty blue.

This was looking less and less like the standard grey hoodie I set out to make. But way better amirite?

Pattern Details: Look at that ever so slight curve on the back hem. It’s perfect for pairing with leggings. And that arm pocket! Such a fun detail I never would have come up with on my own. Given that I have no other pockets I’ll probably actually use it too. I am thinking of going back and adding the kangaroo pocket though. The pattern recommends omitting it when making the button placket version – I imagine because it would be too busy. But I’m a mom of three small children who never carries a purse or diaper bag. Pockets are kind of essential for me. I’m fine if I wear it with jeans, but so far I’ve mostly been wearing it with leggings. I also almost made this version with the cowl neck. I figured I’ve already strayed so far from the plan, what’s a little more? Tammy made the cowl in this same fabric content and it just lays beautifully. But I really love the functionality of a hood and I actually use mine a lot so I stayed on track there.

Fabric: The organic fleece I used is lyocell (rayon), organic cotton, Spandex blend. It has more stretch than the pattern calls for, but the ideal weight and drape for this pattern. The pattern suggests narrowing the sleeves a bit if using fabric with too much stretch, so I did that, but I don’t think I needed to. I think that is more for french terry or lighter-weight knits. This fabric is absolutely perfect as-is for the pattern, no adjustments necessary.

Fit Adjustments: As usual I added 3″ to the bodice,  and 2.5″ to the sleeves. I wasn’t going to add any length to the hood because Hey June hoods are big enough for my long neck and adding length just makes it too big all around. But I put the Halifax hood up to this one and the Halifax was larger so I thought it best to add 1/2″. I meant to check the fit before attaching it and I forgot. So I have the strings cinched up on this one to keep it closer to my face. I will take it in more next time. 

And there will be a next time for sure. I still need to make that plain hoodie. I am thinking of using this same Lyocell fleece in the Heathered Moss Green like Tammy’s. Otherwise I’ll hunt down a 100% cotton heavyweight grey french terry like I used in my zippered Halifax.

*This post contains affiliate links, and the fabric was generously sponsored. As always I express my true honest opinions and only rave about things I love. If I don’t like something I either tell you, or I don’t blog it ?


  1. Perfection as usual. I’m so glad you strayed from the plan! Love this and plan to copy as usual!

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