Well hello there friends! Welcome to my 2nd blog post of the year, and it’s only almost August! I wasn’t going to blog this, but I thought it wouldn’t take too long to drop a few pictures here and give you a quick update since I’ve been mostly MIA for the whole year. This is the Hinterland Dress by Sew Liberated. It’s a great option for maternity, postpartum, nursing and beyond. It isn’t even a maternity dress and I made no maternity mods so I’m hoping it will last a long time. I know myself to grow sick of clothes I wear during my 3rd trimester, never wanting to look at them again, so I’ll have to report back to you on how often it gets worn when I reach the post nursing phase in a few years.

I sewed it up in a mid-weight linen that I got from Blackbird Fabrics last year. The color was Pear. From start to finish it took me 102 days to complete. Absolutely not related to the difficulty of the pattern and primarily due to my energy level. I admittedly did also sew up one basic kimono during that time though, but since that was a sewing fail it doesn’t count right?

After I finished the dress I decided to add patch pockets to the front, so now it has in seam pockets and patch pockets. 50% weird, 50% awesome. I’m pretty sure the patch pockets look uneven, but they measured even, so I’ll wait until after baby comes to see if it isn’t the ROA positioning causing that issue. The waist on the Hinterland hits below the start of a baby bump so if you were making this solely for pregnancy you might opt to raise the waistline, but I didn’t want it to look like a maternity dress postpartum so I left it low and I think that will make a big difference in how much I wear it later. Plus I think it looks fine like this. You can tie it back and define a waist still. I may have tied it a little too tight, but it felt comfortable.

The pattern calls for 1/2″ buttons. I like the current trend of larger buttons happening right now, so these are 3/4″. Any larger and you may need to widen the placket.

So if I knew in advance that I was only going to make one thing this pregnancy, would I still have picked this dress? 100% YES.

Update on me: So I knew that I typically go into survival mode during pregnancy. I was hoping that with my starting fitness level and the way I’ve been able to keep that up, this pregnancy would be different. However, with three little ones I should have known better. I just haven’t been able to sew, and I haven’t had time to stay connected to the sewing community on Instagram (Though I do still manage to listen to the Love To Sew Podcast here and there). Not to mention that it’s hard to be inspired when you don’t have the energy to do anything with that inspiration.  I honestly don’t see my involvement changing anytime soon. But I’m ok with that. I’m happy where I am. I miss the community and I wonder what it will be like jumping back in a year or so after falling off the train, but I’ll cross that track when I get there. Meanwhile know that we are doing well over here. I mean, I’m not going to lie, many days I feel defeated, like I’m doing it all wrong, but it’s good to be present. I’m not thinking about my next make, or checking in online. I’m here. I’m with my family. Not at full capacity, but by God’s sustaining grace I’m here, facing each new day with his new mercies.

Update on baby: We are in the final trimester. Baby is healthy and growing well. We don’t know the gender this time. We don’t have a name, haven’t really even started that yet, and we have to come up with TWO names this time since we don’t know the gender. I haven’t made anything for the baby, but I did make one outfit for the baby we lost last fall, so whether or not it’s weird, I plan on using that with this one. Plus it’s rainbow-themed which is appropriate. So in case it isn’t obvious, we are about as ready as anybody awaiting their fourth child. Amiright?


  1. You and I look to be on the same timeline pregnancy wise! I’m so impressed you got anything done… I’m working full time and that plus pregnancy is about all I can do. I can’t imagine juggling three other littles! That green is so pretty and I love the dress. Thanks for posting!

    • Congrats on your pregnancy! We are almost there! Are you still impressed, now that it took me a month to check for blog comments? Best wishes for your delivery!

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